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Dyes, sweeteners, Conservatives, that they hiding?

Dyes, sweeteners, Conservatives, that they hiding ?

Sunday 26 February 2017, 20H55 (50 minutes) – France 5


additives, whose 300 are commonly present in our diet, have appeared in years 60 with the development of industrial food. Natural or chemical, they have all been approved by the European authorities. But, today, scientists denounce the risks of cocktail effect, when several additives are hidden in the same food. They also point to the presence of ultrafine particles, nanoparticles. INRA researchers have shown that these substances can pass through the intestine, weakening the immune system and result in the development of cancer. No specific labeling, yet required by European regulations, does not allow consumers to be alerted to the presence of these nanoparticles.

Reruns : the 5 March 2017 at 17:35 and 16 March 2017 at 16:30

An almost perfect carrot

Sunday 26 February 2017, 21h45 (60 minutes) – France 5


Four-fifths of carrots consumed in the US are produced in California. Health alibi to fight against "junk food", baby carrots are appreciated to drink tables. Thoughts departure as an anti-waste product, they now represent a business that is in the billions of dollars. But those little carrots are they as healthy as they say ? This document decrypts the mechanisms of carrot production chain, which is also one of the favorite vegetables of French, giving the keys to understanding the springs industrial gaspillae and the consequences of intensive agricultural production.


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Flore Rose
Flore Rose
6 années plus tôt

je le recommande.