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Fipronil : the list of the recalled products extension

Following the scandal of contaminated eggs by fipronil revealed on August 1st, where almost 250 000 Eggs were placed on the French market, the Ministry of Agriculture has published a list of products marketed in France based adulterated eggs.

The Ministry regularly enriches a few days this list containing different brands of waffles Leader Price, U system, Franprix, Monoprix, Casino, Chabrior, Netto, Top Budget, Crossroads, Brand mark, etc. as well as brands of pasta Grand Mother and Our Regions Talent (SIC) including.

You will find below the list updated today with the products :

Fipronil - List of recalled products - The Minister of Agriculture

Click to enlarge

Analyzes and controls continuing, we will keep you informed of the next steps in this scandal.

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Odette Hodel
Odette Hodel
6 years earlier

and eggs that come in liquid for their products(and coating meds) NOT FRENCH hou….. liars !in what they say then read off **?

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