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How to eat healthy during lunch break ?

Eat healthy for lunch

At work, lunch breaks are often done on the go, in a few minutes and in a very unstructured diet. The stress generated by these few minutes and an unbalanced meal will have a long-term negative impact on your health.. Yet, lunch in the middle of the day should be a real time to recharge your batteries, cut yourself off from your activity and above all it must be a moment of pleasure. There are very simple ways to eat healthy during this break. In addition to focusing on quality, you can also consume in an eco-responsible way. Let's take stock so that you can make your lunch break a deliciously relaxing delight.

Prepare your complete meal

What to put in the lunchbox so that it is balanced ? If you decide to prepare yourself your bentos for the lunch break, be sure to respect the balance of your meals. With a starter composed of raw vegetables that you can vary according to the seasons, like cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks or chicory leaves to snack on. Seasoning with a homemade sauce allows taste variation. The main course is made from organic starch that you find in pasta, rice, or semolina, as well as proteins (meat, Egg, fish, lenses, beans, squash seeds, Chickpea, etc.). For dessert, make yourself happy with fresh fruit, yoghurts or compotes.

Order organic and balanced meal trays

You don't have time to prepare your lunchbox ? In this case, you have the solution order your meal tray from a caterer, and have it delivered to your business address by Befoody's services, balanced and tasty organic meals. You will have the opportunity to recharge your batteries with meals made with seasonal products, but also breakfasts that respect nutritional recommendations by being carefully designed in partnership with a dietician.

You are thus assured of a perfectly balanced meal with 50 % vegetables, 25 % starchy foods and 25 % protein. The menus offered by certain catering services are varied and delicious. You can find meat in the lunchboxes, poultry, fish, as well as traditional and exotic vegetables, fresh organic fruits and carefully selected drinks.

Go for exotic flavors with quinoa salads or a Buddha bowl with mango or sweet potato, but also with soups and smoothies.

How to eat healthy during lunch break

You can also vary your lunches with fish menus with smoked salmon or vegetarian dishes. It is important to drink enough water during the day to properly balance fluid intake.. For this, remember to order still or sparkling water, sugar-free lemonades with lime and organic fruit juices with peach or grapes for example. The choice of dessert can be made according to your sweet tooth, but a seasonal fruit would be ideal to end your lunch break.

Surprise your colleagues with meeting platforms de wraps, toasts and mini-breads, easy to peck. A dessert, fruity verrines or assortments of surprise delights will be the final bouquet of this collaborative meal.

By choosing a caterer whose vision is marked by its sensitivity to respect for the planet, you sign your eco-responsible position and in this way participate in greener consumption. Indeed, in a resolutely ecological approach, meals are delivered in recycled and recyclable containers such as cardboard boxes and fabric-covered packaging. And for respecting the carbon footprint, local deliveries are made exclusively by bicycle.

Get ready for breakfast

A day of work requires concentration, dynamism and optimal involvement in any circumstance. A real marathon which has the merit of being well prepared in advance. Indeed, before leaving your house in the morning, breakfast is a complete meal that must be taken calmly. This is made up of all the nutrients that will allow you to have sufficient energy to last until your lunch break..

For a meeting between colleagues or with clients earlier in the morning, it is possible to order complete and generous dishes such as organic breakfasts consisting of savory turnovers and pastries, accompanied by coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Starchy foods such as cereals, proteins, dairy and fruit. Compose your first meal of the day according to your aspirations : sweet or salty, the most important thing is to start the day with a full stomach. You can also provide snack bars for when you're hungry between 2 meetings. These can be nuts to snack on to boost the brain or paleo fruits for a vitamin dose..

Eat in a quiet place

To make the most of the lunch break and temporarily cut yourself off from the hustle and bustle of work, it is important to choose a quiet place. You can vary the locations depending on your business structure. If you have a park nearby, take advantage of sunny days to see the sky and nature. In capricious weather, from time to time you can have lunch in your car. Also, diversify your moments, alternating lunches alone and with a few colleagues. Or sometimes, join close friends or invite a relative to join you. In this way, the lunch break will be rich in emotions and will turn into colorful moments !

You'll understand, for your lunch break, it is perfectly possible to avoid processed and quickly gobbled foods for the benefit of balanced and organic meals. Whether you prepare them or order them from a nutri-responsible caterer, the most important thing is to enjoy a nutritionally balanced meal. In addition, it is also entirely possible to eat while respecting the planet with recycled and recyclable containers, for eco-responsible consumption !

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