Loupe sur l'étiquette d'un aliment

About us ?

Food hazards is a public information portal which deals with different problems mainly relating to foodstuffs. The site is firstly intended to warn, to raise awareness and to inform the visitor from the dangers, often unsung, food it consumes daily.


Food dangers grew out of a few simple questions they are essential :

  • What is really on what you eat ?
  • Can we trust the promises of food industries ?

In conducting the inquiry there were fundamental awareness : our food has become industrial and dangerous ! The reality is that our food are more those that ate our grandparents in our age. For evidence, 80 % foods we eat daily suffered an industrial process before arriving on our plates !

The upsurge cancers, l 'obesity, the Diabetes and other diseases of all kinds is in large part due to our unhealthy and unbalanced diet.

We need to act more quickly, put pressure on industries that we dictate their laws and find solutions and alternatives in order to remain in good health.

Modes of action

The site informs by news online, articles and folders on specific foods, food recalls, critics of documentaries and films in relation to food, a lexicon and a video library containing extracts and reports on food hazards. The site has developed content and services to each visitor to better understand the underside of their food and also to be able to interact (with other readers) giving its opinion and asking questions.

The library offers additional content deepening specific topics in different folders or criticisms on the site. Readers wishing can thus discover and have fun with new books recommended by the drafting.

Total independence

Hazards food and all its members are completely independent of any organization whatsoever. They have no conflict of interest and do not receive any assistance or subsidy on the part of groups or companies. The work of writing, creation and design is made entirely volunteer. Food hazards is thus totally independent and autonomous way in its choice.

Food hazards is remunerated solely by donations, advertising and online bookstore. These revenues to pay the accommodation and various technical expenses associated with maintaining the website online.

Towards more openness and sharing

Thank you for your loyalty, otherwise the site would not exist. Being more and more numerous to visit us every day, We invite you to respond constructively to the various articles, to provide further information and tips so that we can all improve our diet.

How to help ?

The best way to help Food Hazards is to make a donation to support our action (free amount).

You can also promote the site to those around you if you like this one. The higher the number of visitors to the site, In addition we will be able to be able to publish articles frequently and in-depth.

The editorial neutrality is a component essential in our eyes, and it is thanks to you that we can keep it.

thanks for your support !