News Year 2011 January Recalls

Reminder of spring rolls and mashed at Auchan

The Auchan trademark nems were, last Tuesday, recalled by the brand of the same name. It is spring rolls with pork and chicken spring rolls.

The barcodes of the products are :

– 3596710303618 (pork)

– 3596710303632 (chicken)

Auchan has withdrawn from sale these spring rolls that were to beam caterer self-service. These are lots of 4 300g NEMS, with an expiration date to the 12 January, which may contain prawns, fish and crab. It is recommended that individuals allergic to crustaceans and fish do not consume them and bring them back to the store to be reimbursed.

The Group developed available to consumers a phone number, the 04 74 05 34 44.

Image source :

Auchan also recall the "Mashed Potatoes and Carrots" 300g microwaveable even today. The product concerned is branded Auchan and its deadline for consumption is the 17 November 2011.

The product number is as follows :

EAN : 3 596 710 328 76

It is possible that instead of mashed potatoes there is a Mexican tuna salad (!).

The sign invites people who bought this product to bring it at the point of sale to be reimbursed.

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