News Year 2015 June

Bayonne ham recalled by Aosta

Product recalled by : Company Aosta SNC

Brand : AOSTA

Product : Bayonne ham fine and melting

Model : 6 Slices, packaged in a protective atmosphere, purchased from 28/05/15 to the 05/06/15.

EAN : 3449865230400

Lot no. : 2708696

DLC or UBD : 25/08/15

Weight : 100 g


Reason for recall : Identification of salmonella.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended to destroy its product or to be reimbursed.

Consumer service :
Company Aosta SNC : 04 90 84 24 69

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Emmanuelle (Facebook)
Emmanuelle (Facebook)
8 years earlier

yum !!! of all the ways I have never bought this stuff in bag …. When consumers will understand ??,

Valérie (Facebook)
Valérie (Facebook)
8 years earlier

Exit packaged products! Despite all the shit that they add (read the labels), You can also catch salmonella. And when you look at the price per kg, It is infinitely more expensive than the butcher's corner.

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