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Dangers Alimentaires is available in English !

After several weeks of efforts, we are pleased to announce that an English version of Dangers Alimentaires has been implemented. This version will allow sensitization to a wider audience on global food issues.

Link :

Concretely, English-speaking visitors will be automatically redirected to the English version. There is no change in the French speaking part (your bookmarks are therefore still valid). But you can still visit the Web site in another language than yours, by selecting it from the dropdown at the bottom right of the website.

Your help is valuable !

The amount of texts published since 2010 is significant. A collaborative translation system has therefore been implemented. In this way each person who wishes to participate in the improvement of the translation and help translate new sections can send us their applications via the form below. If your application is accepted, we will send you a username and a password to login.

Thanks a lot! !


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