News Year 2015 August Recalls

Recall of Weetabix

Product recalled by : Company PIETERCIL INTERCO SAS


Product : Weetabix Original

Model : 430 g

EAN : 5010029000061

UBD : 19/05/2016

Reason for recall : Presence of Spanish packaging including the entries can not be understood.

Terms of the callback : In case of allergy or intolerance to gluten, It is recommended to destroy its product or report it at the point of sale for a refund.

Consumer service :
Company PIETERCIL INTERCO SAS : 04 79 26 50 00

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Emmanuelle (Facebook)
Emmanuelle (Facebook)
8 years earlier

stop cereals breakfast …. a good quality of your Baker Rod will be less expensive and better for your health ..

Salemi (Facebook)
Salemi (Facebook)
8 years earlier

Who speaks to you of poisoning ? The reason for the recall ” written in Spanish”…..
My husband uses since its
Early childhood and it goes very well … Either he has a stomach of Anglo-Saxon…!!! I do not see how this is a danger … Brief

Diego (Facebook)
Diego (Facebook)
8 years earlier

C is so yucky this product what should be classified as permanent food danger ! Must have a stomach of Anglo-Saxon to digest this stuff!

Jean David (Facebook)
Jean David (Facebook)
8 years earlier

They poison us and nobody said anything
Well done everyone
Don't buy it very simple

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