News Year 2015 October Recalls

Recall of Merguez at Auchan

Product recalled by : AUCHAN

Brand : AUCHAN

Product : Merguez

Model : Marketed by 20, 12, 6 the 15 to the 16 October 2015

Veterinary identification number : FR 51.649.002 THIS

Lot no. : VF50082098

DLC/UBD : 24 October 2015

Reason for recall : A control has highlighted the potential presence of foreign bodies (type metallic wire of one-tenth of mm in diameter) in these products.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended to bring its products to the store of purchase where they will be reimbursed.

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Katia (Facebook)
Katia (Facebook)
8 years earlier

Auchan Auchan… ^^

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