News Year 2016 December Recalls

Recall : Burgundy snails

Product recalled by : SNAIL COURBEYRE Company

Brand : AUCHAN

Product : Burgundy snails

Model : x 12

Veterinary identification number : FR 15 014 033 THIS

Corresponding DLC : 03/01/2018

Weight : 89 g

Reason for recall : Affixing of a bad DLC (deadline for consumption) 03/01/2018.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended to consume the product until 03/01/2017 (Actual DLC of the product) or bring the point of sale for a refund.

Consumer service :
SNAIL COURBEYRE Company : 04 71 64 97 90

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La Mina
La Mina
7 years earlier

Already we do not know the origin… Perhaps Poland as the web. But it's not really Burgundy. should logically say “bourguignon”. Brief.

Afric Asia
Afric Asia
7 years earlier
Reply to La Mina

Many also come from beyond the Pyrenees.
Burgundy, Poland … Catalonia ?

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