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Pizza, sandwich, kebab : revelations on large schemes of snacks = aeVL_d1wWyc

In 2011, in France, the average time of a meal is 31 minutes against 1h30 1975.

Fast and cheap : the budget is between 5 and 15 euros. Top sellers include sandwiches, pizzas, ou burgers kebabs.

The small restaurant is now a very profitable sector. Margins can be considerable. and between of breached hygiene standards, questionable freshness and deception on the goods, the consumer, his, not always win.

"Investigations and revelations" in particular found that in one of the stores of a famous chain of sandwiches, sellers do not hesitate to sell their customers expired products. Teams also followed on the field inspectors of veterinary services who have seen of serious breaches of hygiene regulations.

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