News Year 2017 November Recalls

Recall : Greek yoghurt

Yogurt has Greek - honey granola

Product recalled by : Monoprix

Brand : Dessert Monoprix

Product : Greek yoghurt with honey and granola

EAN : 3 350 033 450 523

Lot no. : 1411

Use by date : 26/11/2017

Sign of diffusion : Monoprix

Reason for recall : Discovering the presence of milk and nuts not listed on the label.

Terms of the callback : If you are allergic to dairy products and / or nuts, you should return the product in store for a refund.

Consumer service :
Phone. : 0 800 08 4000

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Chantal Delefortrie
Chantal Delefortrie
6 years earlier

And it's not normal to have milk in yogurt ???

Julie Ayukawa
Julie Ayukawa
6 years earlier

Hello, it is mandatory to indicate allergens on food labels, and milk and hazelnuts are part. If this info is missing, a reminder is needed to protect people with allergies. In this case, l’absence de mention de lait (de vache),peut produire une confusion avec des yaourts au lait végétal, qui eux sont sans dangers pour les personnes allergiques au lait animal. Bonne soirée 🙂

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