News Year 2017 November Recalls

Recall : Greek yoghurt

Yogurt has Greek - honey granola

Product recalled by : Monoprix

Brand : Dessert Monoprix

Product : Greek yoghurt with honey and granola

EAN : 3 350 033 450 523

Lot no. : 1411

Use by date : 26/11/2017

Sign of diffusion : Monoprix

Reason for recall : Discovering the presence of milk and nuts not listed on the label.

Terms of the callback : If you are allergic to dairy products and / or nuts, you should return the product in store for a refund.

Consumer service :
Phone. : 0 800 08 4000

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Chantal Delefortrie
Chantal Delefortrie
6 years earlier

And it's not normal to have milk in yogurt ???

Julie Ayukawa
Julie Ayukawa
6 years earlier

Hello, it is mandatory to indicate allergens on food labels, and milk and hazelnuts are part. If this info is missing, a reminder is needed to protect people with allergies. In this case, the absence of mention of milk (From a cow),can cause confusion with vegetable milk yogurts, which are safe for people allergic to animal milk. Good evening 🙂

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