News Year 2017 December Recalls

Recall : Shredded Italian ham

Shredded ham - Auchan

Product recalled by : Cut Taste

Brand : Auchan the Butcher

Product : Shredded Italian ham

EAN : 3 596 710 408 962

Health stamp : FR.22.136.007 EC

Lot no. : all lots

Use by date : all dates

Weight : 80 g

Sign of diffusion : Auchan

Reason for recall : Some trays contain the rosette instead of shredded Italian ham. For allergic or intolerant to dairy, do not consume the product because the label does not mention the milk in the rosette chiffonnade.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended not to consume the product for people allergic to dairy products and bring it in store for a refund.

Consumer service :
Phone. : 03 59 30 59 30

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