News Year 2018 Recalls

Recall : Mini shrimp spring rolls

Mini spring rolls

Product recalled by : Casino

Product : 6 mini spring rolls shrimp sauce nuoc mam,

Brand : Casino Other Flavors

Lot no. : 190155

Health stamp : FR 36-231-017 THIS

Casino-6-mini spring rolls

Barcode : 3 222 475 410 185

Use by date (Date limit of consumption) : 30/01/2019

Reason for recall : Discovering the presence of fish and soy allergens not listed on the packaging.

Terms of the callback : For people allergic to these allergens, it is recommended not to consume the product s & rsquo; it has been frozen. Allergic people who have already consumed the product and with health problems should consult their doctor by pointing out that consumption.

Consumer service :
Phone. : 0 800 13 30 16 (free call)

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