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Investigation : The world according to Subway

Subway, Those are 44 000 sandwich shops in the world. The number 1 des fast-food, devant McDonald’s !

multimillionaire, Fred de Luca, the American founder of the brand, has based its success on a marketing promise : Subway sandwiches, in particular compounds of vegetables, are very low in calories. In 2014, the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, was associated with Subway to promote her campaign against obesity.

But 50 years after its creation, teaches through some turbulence : in the USA, a university study has shown that in practice, Subway customers comprised calorie sandwiches also a full menu at McDonald's !

another concern : surexploiterait brand franchisees. Finally, Subway would set up a tax optimization system enabling it to only pay very little tax, particularly in France.

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