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companies : What are the benefits of water fountains relative to bottles ?

verre d'eau

A water cooler is a device that distributes drinking water. The water fountains cylinders are used everywhere, whether in business, home or even in public place.

How does a water fountain cylinders ?

The operating principle of a bottle water cooler is based on the continuous pressure. This machine is composed of a valve and a source of water tank or mineral water placed height.

The cylinder feeds a tank cooled by a refrigerant gas. Anyone can enjoy a cool water throughout the day !

Quels sont les avantages d’une fontaine d’eau à bonbonnes ?

Selon l’article R.232-3-1 (décret du 7 may 93) de la législation française du Code du Travail, chaque entreprise doit offrir de l’eau potable fraîche à ses salariés en mettant à leur disposition une source facile à utiliser.

L’eau est un besoin physiologique essentiel. S’hydrater régulièrement permet d’augmenter les performances et d’assurer le bien-être physique et psychique. C’est pour cette raison que les fontaines d’eau bonbonne sont de plus en plus utilisées en entreprise.

Esthétique et moderne, la fontaine à bonbonne d’eau est la source la plus simple à utiliser, la plus efficace et la plus accessible. It is also the best alternative to water bottles.

The plastic bottles for water fountains exist in several volumes 5 litres, 10 litres, 12 litres, 20 liters… They will therefore be able to meet all needs, regardless of the number of employees, by ensuring continuity of service.

But that's not all ! The change / installation of the cylinders is quite easy to achieve. The water contained in these large transparent bottles has all the nutritional and taste qualities.

Very space-saving, bottle water fountains can be placed anywhere. These fountains do not require filter cartridges. Indeed, the water contained in the carboys is of excellent quality.

Inexpensive, easy to use and maintain, the water bottle fountain is the best source water and mineral water distribution system. This machine is essential to keep your employees and collaborators well hydrated. It is for this reason that professional bobonne water fountains are very present in companies, associations, administrations and all other organizations.