2019 News Recalls

LIDL : Too much insecticide residues in potatoes

Potatoes - Insecticide

Product recalled by : Parmentine S.A. /Lidl

Product : Potato consumption / New Harvest

Producer : SCEA de Papin

Description : variety Colomba – origin France

Lot no. :

19147537 L2502
19147537 L2503

Barcode : 2 024 225 1

Marketing period : the 21/06/2019 to the 26/06/2019

Sign of diffusion : Lidl

Reason for recall : Exceeding the maximum residue limit of the molecule fosthiazate (soil insecticide). The consumption of these potatoes can cause confusion or nervousness, headaches, respiratory and circulatory problems.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended to destroy the product or return the store for a refund.

Consumer service :
Phone. : 0 800 900 343

Source : DGCCRF

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stephane decroix
stephane decroix
5 years earlier

Lidl does not control its products they make a lot of pub for the rest a lot of problem should control all products sold

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