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Plastic, not so fantastic!

Plastic waste on the beach

Plastic pollutes the environment, we all know it. We must also remember that plastic objects also present risks to our health.. What are the impacts of plastic on our body? ? What to replace it with ? Overview of plastic objects and innovative and effective alternatives to pollute our body and our planet less.

Focus on the harmful effects of plastic on the body

You probably don't know, but a human being ingests a few grams of plastic per day. This then results in serious health risks.. Cancers, respiratory tract diseases, digestive system disorders… the list goes on. Thus, it is high time to limit the daily use of plastic. But where to start ? What plastic objects to replace ? What can we replace them with ?

Adopt the stainless steel bottle to reduce plastic consumption

Every year, France has some 7 billion plastic water bottles sold. These objects are among the 10 the most polluting plastic waste in the marine environment. Also, we have to remember that a plastic bottle puts between 100 and 1000 years to decompose in nature !

But what to replace plastic bottles with ? The choice is wide, and you can take advantage of the advantage of stainless steel water bottles bypassing plastic bottles. Indeed, stainless steel water bottles are neutral, easy to wash and hygienic. These objects retain neither the smell nor the color of sugary drinks, sparkling, etc. that you put inside. Thus, in addition to being as ecological as you want, stainless steel bottles are safe since they do not contain any chemicals.

Stainless steel bottle

Say goodbye to disposable plastic cutlery

Tumblers, plates, cutlery, blenders ... disposable cutlery is too light for recycling and are therefore either dumped, be incinerated. Also, it takes more than a century for these objects to degrade. Normally, disposable cutlery should no longer be authorized in France from next year. But what to replace them with ?

Manufacturers today continue to compete in their imaginations to invent healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives. Now, disposable cutlery is replaced by bamboo objects, in sugar cane or starch. Stainless steel dishes, reusable plastic, or melamine are also an excellent substitute for disposable cutlery.

And what about plastic straws ?

California and UK have already banned plastic straws. The European Union also aims to eradicate them by next year. Real scourges for the environment, 8 millions of plastic straws are used daily in fast food restaurants in France. What to replace plastic straws with ? We find today bamboo straws, stainless steel or paper. Yet, the most practical and ecological solution is to do without it. Some express drink brands, for example, decide to put an end to the use of plastic straws.. They plan to equip their cups with a special lid so that customers can drink directly from them..

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