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food additives

Food additives are substances (natural or artificial) added to food to improve flavor, conservation, appearance etc. Food additives are not only present in the dishes prepared and industrial but also in drinks, meat and seafood. There are sometimes added to food to replace a natural ingredient more expensive (ex : aspartame which replaces sugar in two times lower cost).

We can recognize them because they must appear in the list of ingredients of foodstuffs. All food additives have a code starting with E and followed by 3 figures. The “E” means that they have been approved by the European Union.

However attention to certain packagings where food additives are written in letters so easily deceiving the uninformed consumer ! Indeed the E102, E451 etc. many hardly reassure people who focus on the ingredients on the label.

There are several types of food additives :

  • Dyes : code E100

They reinforce or give color.

  • The Conservatives : code E200

They prevent the proliferation of undesirable microorganisms, to foodstuffs of mildew etc..

  • Antioxidants : code E300

They decrease the oxidation that is to say that they prevent fats from turning rancid, the fruit of “Browning” cut once.

  • Texture agents : code E400

They provide structure and consistency to a food. There are emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners and gelling agents.

  • The acidifying : E500

They allow to correct the acidity of a food.

  • Gou enhancerst : code E600

They strengthen and improve taste.

  • Sweeteners : code E900

They can replace the classic sugar with a sweet taste.

Food additives can be placed in three categories : the harmless, the risky (all scientists are not in agreement) and dangerous.

Here now is a list of food additives :

Curcumins, yellow of Curcumin. E100 Steps/little toxic
Riboflavines (synthetic / 5′-phosphate / Bacillus subtilis) E101 Do not abuse
TARTRAZINE E102 Avoid (!)
Chrysoine S, Alkanet E103 Avoid
Quinoline yellow, Quinoline yellow E104 Avoid (!)
Solid yellow E105 Avoid
Yellow 2G E107 Avoid (!)
Sunset yellow FCF, Yellow FCF E110 Avoid (!)
Orange GGN, Alpha-naphthol orange E111 Avoid (!)
Carmins, Cochineal, Carminic acid E120 Avoid
Red citrus No.. 2 E121 Avoid (!)
Azorubine, Carmoisine E122 Avoid
Amarante, Amaranth E123 Avoid (!)
Ponceau 4R (Cochineal red A), Cochineal Red E124 Avoid (!)
Ponceau SX, Scarlet GN E125 Avoid
Culvert GR, Ponceau 6R E126 Avoid
Erythrosine E127 Avoid
Red 2G, Azogeranine E128 Avoid (!)
Allura red AC E129 Avoid (!)
Manascorubine, Blue solanthrene RS, Ananthraquinone blue E130 Avoid
Patent blue V E131 Avoid
Indigotine, Carmine(e) Indigo E132 Avoid
Brilliant blue FCF E133 Avoid
Chlorophylls E140 Do not abuse
Chlorophylls and chlorophyllins, copper/copper complexes E141 Do not abuse
Green S, Brilliant green BS, Lissamine Green E142 Avoid (!)
Solid green FCF E143 Avoid (!)
Caramel I – nature (caustic caramel) E150a Do not abuse
Caramel II – caustic sulfite process, Caustic sulphite caramel E150b Avoid
Caramel III – ammonia process, Ammonia caramel E150c Avoid
Caramel IV – ammonium sulfite process, The ammonium sulphite caramel E150d Avoid (!)
Glossy black, Black naphthol, Black PN, Brilliant black BN E151 Avoid (!)
Carbon black, Black 7984 E152 Avoid (!)
Charcoal, Carbo medicinalis vegetalis E153 Avoid
Brown FK E154 Avoid (!)
Brown HT, chocolate brown HT E155 Avoid (!)
Carotenes (Beta-) E160a Do not abuse
Annato extract, Annato, Annatto, Bixin, Norbixin E160b Do not abuse
Paprika Oleoresin, Paprika extract, Capsanthin, Capsorubin E160c Do not abuse
Lycopene E160d Do not abuse
Carotenic, Beta-apo-8′- ; Beta-apo-8-carotenal (C30) E160e Steps/little toxic
Carotenoic acid, Ethyl ester of beta-apo-8-carotenoic acid (C30) E160fethylester Steps/little toxic
Xanthophylls E161 Do not abuse
Flavoxanthine (xanthophylls) E161a Do not abuse
Luteins (xanthophylls) E161b Do not abuse
Cryptoxanthin, Kryptoxanthine (xanthophylls) E161c Do not abuse
Rubixanthine (xanthophylls) E161d Do not abuse
Violaxanthin (xanthophylls) E161e Do not abuse
Rhodoxanthin (xanthophylls) E161f Do not abuse
Canthaxanthin (xanthophylls) E161g Do not abuse
Zeaxanthines (xanthophylls) E161h Do not abuse
Citranaxanthin (xanthophylls) E161i Do not abuse
Astaxanthin (xanthophylls) E161j Do not abuse
Beet Red, Betanin E162 Do not abuse
Anthocyanins, Anthocyanins E163 Do not abuse
Gardenia yellow E164 ?
Gardenia blue E165 ?
Sandalwood E166 ?
Calcium carbonates E170 Steps/little toxic
Titanium dioxide, Titanium dioxide E171 Avoid
Iron oxide, Iron hydroxide E172 Do not abuse
Aluminium E173 Avoid (!)
Money, Argentum E174 Do not abuse
Gold, Aurum E175 Do not abuse
Litholrubine BK, Fuchsin strathigraphy BK, Carmine 6B, Ruby pigment E180 Avoid
Tannic acid, Tannins, Tannins E181 Do not abuse
Archil E182 Avoid
Sorbic acid E200 Do not abuse
Sodium sorbate E201 Avoid
Potassium sorbate E202 Do not abuse
Calcium sorbate E203 Do not abuse
Hepthyle Hydroxybenzoate, para- E209 Avoid
Benzoic acid E210 Avoid (!)
Sodium benzoate E211 Avoid (!)
Potassium benzoate E212 Avoid (!)
Calcium benzoate E213 Avoid (!)
Ethyl Hydroxybenzoate, para- ; Ethylparaben ; PHB E214 Avoid (!)
Sodium ethyl Hydroxybenzoate, para- ; Ethyl sodium paraben ; PHB E215 Avoid (!)
Propyl Hydroxybenzoate, para- ; Propyl paraben ; PHB E216 Avoid (!)
Sodium propyl Hydroxybenzoate, para- ; Propyl sodium paraben ; PHB E217 Avoid (!)
Methyl Hydroxybenzoate, para- ; Methyl paraben ; PHB E218 Avoid (!)
Sodium methyl Hydroxybenzoate, para- ; Methyl sodium paraben ; PHB E219 Avoid (!)
Sulphur dioxide, Sulphur dioxide E220 Avoid (!)
Sodium sulfite E221 Avoid (!)
Sodium acid sulphite E222 Avoid (!)
Sodium metabisulfite, Sodium Pyrosulphite E223 Avoid (!)
Potassium Metabisulphite, Potassium Pyrosulphite E224 Avoid (!)
Potassium sulfite E225 Avoid (!)
Calcium sulphite E226 Avoid (!)
Acid calcium sulphite, calcium bisulfite E227 Avoid (!)
Acid potassium sulfite, potassium bisulphite E228 Avoid (!)
Diphenyl, Biphenyl E230 Avoid (!)
Orthophenylphenol E231 Avoid
Sodium orthophenylphenol E232 Avoid
Thiabendazole, Benzimidazole E233 Avoid (!)
Nisin E234 Steps/little toxic
Natamycin, Pimaricin E235 Do not abuse
Formic acid E236 Avoid (!)
Sodium Formate E237 Avoid (!)
Calcium Formate E238 Avoid (!)
Hexamethylene tetramine E239 Avoid (!)
Formalin, Formaldehyde, Formic aldehyde, Formaldehyde E240 Avoid (!)
Gum guaiac E241 ?
Dimethyl bicarbonate, Dimethyl Dicarbonate, DMDC E242 Avoid
Potassium nitrite E249 Avoid (!)
Sodium nitrite E250 Avoid (!)
Sodium nitrate, The Chile saltpeter E251 Avoid (!)
Potassium nitrate, Saltpeter E252 Avoid (!)
Acetic acid (icy) E260 Do not abuse
Potassium acetates, Potassium Diacetates, Ethanoates. E261 Do not abuse
Sodium acetates, Sodium Diacetate, Ethanoates. E262 Do not abuse
Calcium acetate, Acetic acid and derivatives, Ethanoates. E263 Do not abuse
Ammonium acetate E264 Avoid
Dehydroacetic acid, Acid dehydracetique E265 Do not abuse
Sodium Dehydroacetate N266 Do not abuse
Lactic acid (L-, D- and DL-) E270 Do not abuse
Propionic acid E280 Do not abuse
Sodium propionate E281 Do not abuse
Calcium propionate E282 Do not abuse
Potassium propionate E283 Do not abuse
Boric acid E284 Avoid (!)
Sodium tetraborate (Borax) E285 Avoid (!)
Carbon dioxide, Carbon dioxide, CO² E290 Do not abuse
Malic acid (DL-) E296 Do not abuse
Fumaric acid E297 Steps/little toxic
Ascorbic acid (L-) E300 Steps/little toxic
Sodium ascorbate E301 Steps/little toxic
Calcium ascorbate E302 Steps/little toxic
Potassium ascorbate E303 Steps/little toxic
ASCORBYL PALMITATE E304 Steps/little toxic
ASCORBYL stearate E305 Do not abuse
Tocopherols (imitation of vitamin E) E306 Do not abuse
Alpha-Tocopherol E307 Do not abuse
Gamma-tocopherol (synthetic) E308 Do not abuse
Delta-tocopherol (synthetic) E309 Do not abuse
Propyl gallate E310 Avoid
Octyl gallate E311 Avoid
Dodecyl gallate E312 Avoid
Ethyl gallate E313 Steps/little toxic
Guaiac resin E314 Steps/little toxic
Erythorbic acid (isoascorbic acid) E315 Do not abuse
Sodium erythorbate (sodium isoascorbate) E316 Do not abuse
Potassium erythorbate (potassium isoascorbate) E317 Steps/little toxic
Calcium erythorbate (calcium isoascorbate) E318 Steps/little toxic
BHQT, Tertiary Butylhydroquinone E319 Avoid (!)
BHA, Butylated hydroxyanisole, Butylated hydroxyanisole E320 Avoid (!)
BHT, Butylated hydroxytoluene, Butylated hydroxytoluene E321 Avoid (!)
Lecithins E322 Do not abuse
Anoxomere E323 Avoid
Ethoxyquin E324 Avoid (!)
Sodium lactate E325 Steps/little toxic
Potassium lactate E326 Steps/little toxic
Calcium lactate E327 Steps/little toxic
Ammonium lactate E328 Do not abuse
Magnesium lactate (DL-) E329 Steps/little toxic
Citric acid E330 Steps/little toxic
Sodium citrates E331 Steps/little toxic
Potassium citrates E332 Steps/little toxic
Calcium citrates MIYAUCHI Steps/little toxic
Tartaric acid (L(+)-) E334 Steps/little toxic
Sodium tartrates E335 Steps/little toxic
Potassium tartrates E336 Steps/little toxic
Potassium sodium tartrate (L(+)-), Tartrate double sodium and potassium E337 Steps/little toxic
Phosphoric acid, Orthophosphoric acid E338 Avoid
Sodium phosphates, Sodium Orthophosphates E339 Avoid
Potassium phosphates, Potassium orthophosphate E340 Avoid
Calcium phosphates, Calcium orthophosphate E341 Avoid
Ammonium phosphates, Monophosphates of ammonium E342 Avoid
Phosphates of magnesium, Monophosphates of magnesium E343 Avoid
Lecithin citrate E344 ?
Magnesium citrate E345 ?
Ammonium malate E349 Avoid
Sodium Malates E350 Do not abuse
Potassium malate E351 Do not abuse
Calcium Malates E35X Do not abuse
Metatartaric acid E353 Steps/little toxic
Calcium tartrate (DL-) E354 Steps/little toxic
Adipic acid, Acid hexamedioique E355 Do not abuse
Sodium Adipates E356 Do not abuse
Adipates of potassium E357 Do not abuse
Ammonium Adipates E359 Avoid
Succinic acid E363 Do not abuse
Sodium succinate E364 Do not abuse
Sodium Fumarated E365 Steps/little toxic
Potassium Fumarated E366 Steps/little toxic
Calcium Fumarated E367 Steps/little toxic
Fumarated of ammonium E368 Do not abuse
Heptonolactone, 1,4- E370 ?
Nicotinic Acid, Niacin, Pyridine-B-carboxylic acid E375 Do not abuse
Triammonium citrate E380 Avoid
Ferric ammonium citrate E381 Do not abuse
Calcium Glycerophosphate E383 Avoid
Isopropyl citrates E384 Do not abuse
EDTA, Calcio-disodium ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate E385 Avoid (!)
Disodium EDTA, Disodium ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate E386 Avoid (!)
Oxystearine E387 Steps/little toxic
Acid thiodipropionique, DEGRADABLE E388 Do not abuse
Thiobis dilauryle E389 Do not abuse
Thiobis distearyle E390 Do not abuse
Phytic acid E391 Do not abuse
Rosemary extract E392 ?
Calcium Lactobionate E399 ?
Alginic acid E400 Steps/little toxic
Sodium alginate E401 Steps/little toxic
Potassium alginate E402 Steps/little toxic
Ammonium alginate E403 Do not abuse
Calcium alginate E404 Steps/little toxic
Propylene glycol alginate, Alginate propane-1, 2-diol, Hydroxypropyl alginate E405 Avoid
Agar-agar, Layor Carang, The Japan isinglass E406 Steps/little toxic
Carrageenan, Carraghenates, E407 Avoid
Processed Eucheuma seaweed 407a Do not abuse
Glycan of Baker's yeast, Furcelleran, Farcelleran E408 Steps/little toxic
Arabinogalactan E409 ?
Carob bean gum, Flour of carob seed E410 Steps/little toxic
Oat gum, Tamarind seeds flour E411 Steps/little toxic
Guar gum E412 Steps/little toxic
Tragacanth gum, Tragacanth, Gum dragon E413 Do not abuse
Gum Arabic, Acacia gum E414 Steps/little toxic
Xanthan gum E415 Steps/little toxic
Gum karaya, kuterra, Sterculia gum E416 Do not abuse
Tara gum E417 Steps/little toxic
Gellan gum E418 Do not abuse
Gum ghatti E419 ?
Sorbitols E420 Do not abuse
Mannitol E421 Do not abuse
Glycerol, Glycerin E422 Do not abuse
Konjac flour, Konjac E425 Do not abuse
Soybean Hemicellulose E426 ?
Cassia gum E427 ?
Gelatin E428 ?
Peptones E429 ?
Polyoxyethylene stearate 8 E430 Avoid (!)
Polyoxyethylene stearate 40 E431 Avoid (!)
Polyoxyethylene sorbitan Monolaurate (polysorbate 20) E432 Avoid (!)
Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (polysorbate 80) E433 Avoid (!)
Polyoxyethylene sorbitan Monopalmitate
(polysorbate 40)
E434 Avoid (!)
Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate
(polysorbate 60)
E435 Avoid (!)
Polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate (polysorbate 65) E436 Avoid (!)
Pectin E440a Steps/little toxic
Pectin starchy E440b Steps/little toxic
Hydrogenated rapeseed superglycerinee E441 ?
Ammonium Phosphatides, Phosphatidic acid ammonium salts E442 Avoid
Oil plant meaning E443 Avoid
Acetate isobutyrate of sucrose, SAIB E444 Do not abuse
Glycerol ester of wood resins E445 Do not abuse
Succistearine E446 ?
Diphosphate E450 Avoid
Triphosphates E451 Avoid
Polyphosphates E452 Avoid
Cyclodextrin (Alpha-), AlphaCD E457 Do not abuse
Cyclodextrin (Gamma-), GammaCD MAXWELLUDOBA Do not abuse
Cyclodextrin (Beta-), Betacd E459 Do not abuse
Cellulose E460 Steps/little toxic
Methyl-cellulose E461 Do not abuse
Ethyl-cellulose X 2600 Steps/little toxic
Hydroxypropyl-cellulose 5BBE Avoid
Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose E464 Do not abuse
Methyl-ethyl-cellulose, GUY E465 Do not abuse
Sodium Carboxymethyl-cellulose, Cellulose gum, CMC E466 Avoid
Ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose E467 Avoid
Sodium cellulose Carboximethyl cross-linked, Cross-linked cellulose gum, Cross-linked CMC E468 Avoid
Carboximethyl cellulose sodium, hydrolysed enzymatically, Enzymatically hydrolysed cellulose gum E469 Avoid
Salts of fatty acids (with the base aluminum, ammonium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium) E470 Avoid
Salts of sodium /potassium /calcium of fatty acids E470a Do not abuse
Fatty acid magnesium salts E470b Do not abuse
Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids E471 Do not abuse
Glyceroliques esters of acetic acid and fatty acids, Acetoglycerides E472a Do not abuse
Glyceroliques esters of lactic acid and fatty acids, Lactoglycerides E472b Do not abuse
Esters of citric acid and fatty acids glyceroliques, Citroglycerides E472c Do not abuse
Tartaric acid esters of mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids E472d Do not abuse
Glyceroliques esters of diacetyltartrique acid and fatty acids E472e Do not abuse
Mixed acetic and tartaric of mono esters- and diglycerides of fatty acids E472f Do not abuse
Monoglycerides succinyles E472g ?
Sucrose fatty acid esters of, Sucrose esters of fatty acids E473 Do not abuse
Type I and type II sucrose oligoesters E473a Do not abuse
Saccharoglycerides, Sucroglycerides E474 Do not abuse
Sorbitans esters of fatty acids, E481 esters of fatty acids E475 Do not abuse
Sorbitans esters of ricinoleic acid two, Polyglycerol polyricinoleate E476 Do not abuse
Esters of propylene glycol of fatty acids E477 Avoid
Esters glyceroliques and propylene-glycol acid fat lactyles E478 Avoid
Soybean oil oxidized by heating in interaction with mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids E479 Do not abuse
Sodium dioctyl Sulfosuccinate E480 Avoid
Sodium Lactylates, Sodium Stearoyl-2-lactylate E481 Do not abuse
Calcium Lactylates, Sodium Stearoyl-2-lactylate, calcium E482 Do not abuse
Stearyl tartrate, Stearoyl tartrate E483 Do not abuse
Stearyl citrate E484 ?
Sodium Stearoylfumarate E485 ?
Calcium Stearoylfumarate E486 ?
Sodium lauryl sulfate, SDS, SLS E487 Avoid
Mono and diglycerides, ethoxylated E488 Avoid (!)
Ester of methylglycoside of coconut oil E489 ?
Sorbitan monostearate E491 Do not abuse
Sorbitan tristearate E492 Do not abuse
Sorbitan Monolaurate E493 Do not abuse
Sorbitan monooleate E494 Do not abuse
Sorbitan Monopalmitate E495 Do not abuse
Sorbitan trioleate E496 ?
Sodium carbonate E500 Steps/little toxic
Potassium carbonates E501 Steps/little toxic
Carbonates E502 ?
Ammonium carbonates E503 Do not abuse
Magnesium carbonates E504 Steps/little toxic
Ferrous carbonate, Iron carbonate E505 Steps/little toxic
Hydrochloric acid E507 Steps/little toxic
Potassium chloride E508 Steps/little toxic
Calcium chloride E509 Steps/little toxic
Ammonium chloride E510 Avoid
Magnesium chloride E511 Steps/little toxic
Stannous chloride, Stannous chloride E512 Do not abuse
Sulphuric acid E513 Do not abuse
Sodium sulphate E514 Do not abuse
Potassium sulphate E515 Do not abuse
Calcium sulphate E516 Do not abuse
Sulfate of ammonium E517 Avoid
Magnesium sulfate E518 Do not abuse
Copper II sulphate, Cupric sulfate E519 Avoid
Aluminum sulphate (anhydrous) E520 Avoid (!)
Sodium aluminum sulphate E521 Avoid (!)
Potassium aluminum sulphate E522 Avoid (!)
Aluminium ferric ammonium sulfate, Aluminium-ammonium sulphate E523 Avoid (!)
Sodium hydroxide E524 Do not abuse
Potassium hydroxide E525 Do not abuse
Calcium hydroxide E526 Do not abuse
Ammonium hydroxide E527 Avoid
Magnesium hydroxide E528 Do not abuse
Calcium oxide E529 Steps/little toxic
Magnesium oxide E530 Steps/little toxic
Sodium ferrocyanide E535 Do not abuse
Potassium ferrocyanide E536 Do not abuse
Iron Hexacyanomanganate, Ferrohexacyanomanganate E537 Do not abuse
Calcium ferrocyanide E538 Do not abuse
Sodium thiosulfate E539 Avoid
Acid calcium phosphate E540 Avoid
Sodium-aluminum phosphate E541 Avoid (!)
Bone phosphate E542 Do not abuse
Calcium polyphosphates E544 Avoid
Ammonium polyphosphates E545 Avoid
Magnesium pyrophosphate E546 Avoid
Sodium silicates E550 Steps/little toxic
Amorphous silica, Silicon dioxide (Silica) E551 Steps/little toxic
Calcium silicate E552 Steps/little toxic
Magnesium silicates, Magnesium trisilicate E553 Avoid
Sodium aluminosilicate, Alumino-sodium silicate, Sodium aluminum silicate E554 Avoid (!)
Potassium aluminosilicate, Silicate alumino-patassique, Potassium aluminum silicate E555 Avoid (!)
Calcium aluminosilicate, Alumino-silicate, Calcium aluminum silicate E556 Avoid (!)
Zinc silicate E557 Steps/little toxic
Bentonite E558 Steps/little toxic
Aluminum silicate (kaolin) E559 Avoid
Potassium silicate E560 ?
Fatty acids, Stearic acid E570 Steps/little toxic
Magnesium stearate, Magnesium stearate E572 Steps/little toxic
Gluconic acid (D-) E574 Steps/little toxic
Glucono-delta-lactone E575 Steps/little toxic
Sodium gluconate E576 Do not abuse
Potassium gluconate E577 Steps/little toxic
Calcium gluconate E578 Steps/little toxic
Ferrous gluconate, Iron gluconate E579 Do not abuse
Magnesium gluconate E580 Steps/little toxic
Ferrous lactate, Iron lactate E585 Do not abuse
Hexylresorcinol (4-) E586 Avoid
Glutamic acid E620 Avoid
Sodium glutamate, Monosodium glutamate, MSG E621 Avoid
Potassium glutamate, Monopotassium glutamate E622 Avoid
Calcium glutamate E623 Avoid
Ammonium glutamate, Monoammonium glutamate E624 Avoid
Magnesium glutamate E625 Avoid
Acid guanyl (5′-) E626 Do not abuse
Disodium guanylate (5′-), Sodium guanylate E627 Do not abuse
DIPOTASSIUM guanylate (5′-), Potassium guanylate E628 Do not abuse
Calcium guanylate (5′-) E629 Do not abuse
Inosinic acid, Acid 5′-inosinic E630 Do not abuse
Sodium inosinate, Disodium inosinate E631 Do not abuse
Potassium inosinate E632 Do not abuse
Calcium inosinate E633 Do not abuse
Calcium Ribonucleotides (5′-), Calcium Ribonucleotides E634 Do not abuse
Disodium Ribonucleotides (5′-), Sodium Ribonucleotide E635 Do not abuse
Maltol E636 Avoid
Ethyl-maltol, Ethyl maltol E637 Avoid
Sodium aspartame E638 Avoid
Alanine (DL-) E639 AGENCY Do not abuse
Glycine (and its sodium salt) E640 Do not abuse
Leucine (L-) E641 ?
Lysine hydrochloride E642 ?
Zinc acetate E650 Do not abuse
Polydimethylsiloxane, Dimethylpolysiloxane E900a Avoid
Methylphenylpolysiloxane E900b Avoid
Beeswax E901 Steps/little toxic
Candelilla wax E902 Steps/little toxic
Carnauba wax E903 Do not abuse
Shellac, Shellac E904 Steps/little toxic
Microcrystalline wax, Petroleum wax. E905 Avoid (!)
Food grade mineral oil E905a Avoid
Vaseline (Petroleum jelly) E905b Avoid
Microcrystalline wax, Paraffin wax , Petroleum wax E905c Avoid (!)
Mineral oil (high viscosity) E905d Avoid (!)
Mineral oil, medium and low viscosity (category I) E905e Avoid (!)
Mineral oil, medium and low viscosity (category II) E905f Avoid (!)
Mineral oil, medium and low viscosity (category III) E905g Avoid (!)
Gum benzoin, Gum benzoic E906 Do not abuse
Hydrogenated poly-1-decene, Hydrogenated Polydecene E907 Avoid
Rice bran wax E908 ?
Blubber wax E909 ?
Wax esters E910 ?
Fatty acid methyl esters E911 ?
Montanic acid esters E912 Avoid
Lanolin E913 Steps/little toxic
Oxidized polyethylene wax E914 Avoid
Glyceroliques esters, methyl or penta erithrytoliques of rosin, Rosin esters E915 Avoid
Calcium iodate E916 Avoid (!)
Potassium iodate E917 Avoid (!)
Oxides of nitrogen E918 Do not abuse
Nitrosyl chloride E919 Avoid
Cysteine (L-) and its hydrochlorides – sodium and potassium salts E920 Steps/little toxic
Cystine (L-) and its hydrochlorides – sodium and potassium salts E921 Steps/little toxic
Potassium persulfate E922 Avoid
Ammonium persulfate E923 Avoid
Potassium bromate E924a Avoid (!)
Calcium bromate E924b Avoid (!)
Chlorine, Chlorine E925 Avoid
Chlorine peroxide, Chlorine dioxide, Chlorine oxide E926 Avoid
AZODICARBONAMIDE, Azoformamide E927a Avoid
Urea, Carbamide E927b Avoid
Benzoyl peroxide E928 Avoid
Acetone peroxide E929 Avoid
Calcium peroxide E930 Avoid
Dichlorodifluoromethane E940 Avoid
Nitrogen E941 Steps/little toxic
Nitrous oxide E942 Do not abuse
Butane E943a Steps/little toxic
Isobutane E943b Steps/little toxic
Propane E944 Steps/little toxic
Chloropentafluoroethane E945 Do not abuse
Octafluorocyclobutane E946 ?
Oxygen E948 Steps/little toxic
Hydrogen E949 Steps/little toxic
Acesulfame potassium, Acesulfame-K E950 Avoid (!)
Aspartame E951 Avoid (!)
Cyclamates, Cyclamic acid and its sodium and calcium salts E952 Avoid (!)
Isomalt (hydrogenated Isomaltulose) E953 Do not abuse
Saccharines E954 Avoid (!)
Sucralose (trichlorogalactosucrose) E955 Do not abuse
Alitame E956 Avoid
Thaumatin E957 Steps/little toxic
Glycyrrhizin, Glycyrrhizic acid, Liquorice, Licorice E958 Steps/little toxic
Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone, Neohesperidin DC, NHDC E959 Do not abuse
Steviol glycosides E960 Steps/little toxic
Neotame E961 Avoid
Aspartame acesulfame (salt of) E962 Avoid (!)
Tagatose (D-) E963 ?
Polyglycitol syrup E964 ?
Maltitols E965 Do not abuse
Lactitol E966 Do not abuse
Xylitol E967 Do not abuse
Erythritol E968 Steps/little toxic
Quillaia extracts (Type I and II) E999 Avoid
Cholic acid E1000 Steps/little toxic
Choline (salts and esters of -.) E1001 ?
Amylases E1100 Steps/little toxic
Proteases (Protease, Papain, Bromelain, Ficin) E1101 ?
Glucose oxidase E1102 ?
Invertases E1103 Steps/little toxic
Lipases E1104 Steps/little toxic
Lysozyme, Lysozyme hydrochloride E1105 Do not abuse
Polydextroses A and N, Modified polydextroses E1200 Steps/little toxic
Polyvinylpyrrolidone, PVP E1201 Avoid (!)
Insoluble Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Insoluble PVP, PVPP E1202 Avoid (!)
Polyvinyl alcohol E1203 Avoid
Pullulan, Pullulan E1204 Steps/little toxic
Modified starch, Dextrins, starch roasted E1400 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Acid-treated starch E1401 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Alkali-treated starch E1402 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Bleached starch E1403 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Oxidized starch E1404 Do not abuse
Modified starch, The enzyme-treated starch E1405 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Starch phosphate, Monoamidon phosphate E1410 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Glycerol by di E1411 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Di phosphate E1412 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Di phosphate phosphate E1413 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Di acetyl phosphate E1414 Avoid
Modified starch, Starch acetate, ACETYLATED starch E1420 Avoid
Modified starch, Acetyl in vinyl acetate starch E1421 Avoid
Modified starch, Di acetyl Adipate E1422 Do not abuse
Modified starch, Glycerol by di acetyl E1423 ?
Modified starch, Di glycerine E1430 ?
Modified starch, Hydroxypropyl starch, Hydroxypropyl starch E1440 Avoid
Modified starch, Di hydroxypropyl Glycerin E1441 Avoid
Modified starch, Di hydroxypropyl phosphate E1442 Avoid
Modified starch, Glycerol by di hydroxypropyl E1443 Avoid
Modified starch, Succinate sodium starch octenylique E1450 Do not abuse
Modified starch, ACETYLATED oxidized starch ETC Do not abuse
Modified starch, Aluminium starch octenylique succinate E1452 Avoid
Castor oil E1503 Do not abuse
Triethylique citrate, Triethyl citrate E1505 Do not abuse
Ethanol, ethyl alcohol E1510 Do not abuse
Diacetin, Glycerol Diacetate, Glyceryl Diacetate E1517 Do not abuse
Triacetin, Glycerol triacetate, Glyceryl triacetate E1518 Do not abuse
Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl alcohol E1519 Avoid
Propylene glycol (propane diol – 1,2) E1520 Avoid
Polyethylene glycol, MACROGOL E1521 Do not abuse
Calcium Lignosulfonate (40-65) E1522 Do not abuse
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6 years earlier

Not to mention yet cooked shrimp but always with sulfites. Bourgoin at Leclerc
4 years earlier

Great article, thank you for these details 🙂

3 years earlier

I don't want to buy anything industrial anymore because I'm sick every time. I discovered these additives and this is what I call “widespread poisoning of the population”, it is unacceptable. Sulphites are the elements that I avoid the most because you have to know that industrial citric acid which is found everywhere in food products is very dangerous because it contains sulfuric acid according to what I read in the composition given on the internet. So you have to buy natural products without sulfur treatment but you should also know that apricots and strawberries… Read more "

8 months earlier

Hi I want to know when the doses allowed in 1kg of the following additives; E202 E300 E422 E466 E471 E414 E415 merci

3 months earlier

I react to sulphites, with nitrites, ascorbate, followed by the words potassium or sodium
so I peel all the labels and do everything I can do on my own
by smoothing the labels I often have surprises, not the good ones !

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