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Toxic peppers at LIDL

After reminders of fatty liver, from NEMS and mashed, now here is the recall of peppers by the LIDL discount sign. It comes to peppers tricolour in bags from Spain and marketed in stores LIDL between the 11 and the 14 January.

The number of the batch concerned is the : L-01-05 TUTW

The sign says the recall is due to the presence of 'residues of the growth regulator ethephon exceeding the legal limit allowed'.

You should know that in Côte d'Ivoire, ethephon is applied, a few days before harvest, on the pineapple to artificially accelerate and homogenize colouring.

Ethephon is extremely toxic in itself

According to the general directive EEC, This growth regulator is corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes and is highly corrosive to the eyes. The EEC also indicates that the oral absorption of ethephon is highly corrosive to the oral cavity and pharynx and presents a danger of perforation of the digestive tract and the stomach.

The discount giant invites guests to return the item for a refund, even if they do not have the receipt.

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8 years earlier

Very sick today ' ui, I suspect red peppers (supermarket) that I have baked and ate yesterday. 30 JUNE 2015

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