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The world according to Monsanto

French's feature 109 minutes directed by Marie-Monique Robin in 2007.

Broadcast on Arte the 11 March 2008. Sortie du DVD the 27 March 2008.

Created in 1901, Monsanto is an American multinational become the world leader of genetically modified organisms (GMOS). Shows in 46 country, This biotechnology leader product 90% GMOs grown worldwide (soy, rapeseed, cotton, corn, etc.) and became by redemptions one of the first seed of the planet that could eventually control term throughout the food chain.

Never a firm was as much controversial, It threatens food security but also the ecological balance of our planet. It is one of the biggest polluters that exists. He is the creation of products very different such as, among others :

  • l’Agent Orange, a herbicide massively applied during the Vietnam war (1961-1971) by the Americans, cancers causing, deformities at birth and deforestation.

Photo of James Nachtwey

  • the PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls, banned in the early 1985) very persistent that contaminate us always (see the article : Chemical pollutants : the results of the InVS) which the firm has hidden danger for decades.
  • the Round Up (stamped long “biodegradable”), a herbicide “total” because non-selective. In other words it kills all plants except GMOs designed to withstand. The active substance, the Glysphosate, contaminates the environment, water courses, groundwater groundwater and this many harmful effects for humans.

  • the growth hormones bovine (prohibited in Europe and the Canada)
  • aspartame

The image that Monsanto wants to give is to be respectful of the environment, promising better returns while promoting sustainable agriculture. It gives even the gaits of humanitarian organization focusing on hunger in the world.

Marie-Monique Robin, in conducting an investigation of 3 years in North and South America, in Asia and Europe, has collected unpublished documents, testimonies of scientists, politicians and victims. This investigation reveals the history of this firm and its impact on society, how it influences and irrevocably Governments, intimidates farmers and discredits his opponents.

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