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We feed the world - hungry market

Austrian film 96 minutes directed by Erwin Wagenhofer in 2005

Released in the 25 April 2007 available on DVD since the 4 March 2008

Literally translated as "we feed the world"., This Austrian documentary reveals the absurdity of agri-food around the world. Jean Ziegler, special rapporteur on the right to food at the United Nations, says that 'every day '., one hundred thousand people die of hunger. World agriculture can feed without problem 12 billion people. In other words, each child who dies of hunger is in fact murdered.. The report points to frigid strategies of States and multinational. We realize that having chicken packed only a few euros per kilo and all kinds of fresh vegetables at any time of the year, a huge environmental and social impacts.

The documentary takes US to Spain where intensive cultivation, to produce our vegetables, causes local water shortages ; the Brazil where farmers are malnourished while the country is the largest exporter of soybeans in the world, in industrial poultry, passing by vessels fishing in Brittany and fields of culture in Romania.

This terrible vision of the world in which we live is essential to understand the real cost of what we eat daily.

This very informative documentary opens however also some passages in this lucrative and inhumane machinery that seems unstoppable.

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Overall rating : 4/5

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7 years earlier

where one can find a list of healthy consumer product, and does it still exist ? because this is the big rubbish for our land and all that lives, when the ultra polluters and all the polluted inhabitants will find an agreement for a better life ? and this is where I say down the social security hole, governments of the earth are not going at all at all, but what do you have in your head would you be THUS more polluted than all the existing material and chemical pollution ? read me and… Read more "

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