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Coffee would protect him - it of breast and prostate cancer ?

Coffee and cancer of the prostate (Thursday 19 may) :

An American study by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) demonstrates that men who eat a lot of coffee have less risk of developing cancer of the prostate.

"Few studies have specifically investigated the association of coffee consumption and the risk of fatal prostate cancer., the most critical form of the disease. Our study is the largest to date to consider whether coffee may reduce this risk"said Lorelei Mucci, the lead author of the study. Indeed, the study was conducted on 47 911 U.S. 1986 to 2008. Among these men, 5 035 prostate cancers have been reported, whose 642 mortals.

The study concluded that a man drinking six cafes or more per day, has decreased almost by 20% risk of contracting prostate cancer. This man has also decreased from 60% risk of developing a fatal cancer of the prostate. One to three cups of coffee per day would be sufficient to reduce this rate to 30%.

Caffeine in coffee is not at the origin of this observation because even with a decaffeinated coffee the same results were observed. As for breast cancer, researchers believe that antioxidant and anti-inflammatory beverage properties would be at the origin of these benefits.

It should be remembered that 40 000 cases of prostate cancer are discovered each year and that 10 000 of them are fatal. Furthermore, "25% of new cases of cancer found in men are prostate cancers." [4].

Coffee and breast cancer (Sunday 15 may) :

A recent study, published in Breast Cancer Research the 11 may, shows that a high consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Jingmei Li, the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and his colleagues conducted a study on 2818 women with breast cancer and on 3111 witnesses. Taking into account other factors affecting breast cancer (the genetic factor, menopause, consumption of alcohol, weight, education, etc.), the researchers found a reduction of 57% particular breast cancer, the estrogen receptor negative (RE-), for women who drank five cups of coffee per day against those who drank in a or less.

The decrease in the risk of cancer of the breast in general, but this time without taking into account all these factors apart from age, with the same consumption of coffee was reduced by 20%.

These results are however conflicted with other studies published a few years ago. Scientists are not yet able to fully determine the reason for these beneficial effects. Indeed, There are in the Café more of 800 different compounds. Further studies should be made to clarify the situation.

Other virtues of coffee

  • And after Astrid Wehlig, Director of research at l’INSERM in Strasbourg, "an average consumption of three or four coffees a day reduced from. 30% "the risk of liver cancer and high consumption does fall to 55%.. The Kahweol and Cafestol the Act in effect on the liver but also on the kidneys.
  • Coffee would also prevent colon cancer [1].
  • Coffee would be, to tea, the antioxidant-rich drink (including polyphenols) which are good, among others, for the heart and blood vessels. Contrary to received, "150 ml of coffee to contain 200 to 550 mg (against 150 to 200 mg for the same amount of tea)» [2].
  • Coffee also facilitates digestion and intestinal transit, where the classic coffee after a meal (attention, the coffee is not recommended for people who suffer from gastric ulcer, gastro-esophageal reflux, etc.).
  • Coffee may play a beneficial role in Parkinson's disease. “The protection factor is estimated at approximately 30 % for subjects consuming at least two cups of coffee per day” says Caroline Bourganel on
  • In small quantities Caffeine acts on the central nervous system and allows a better concentration, increases alertness and slows the feeling of tiredness.
  • Many athletes consume a little coffee because "in case of muscular exercise, Caffeine promotes the use of fatty acids, What saving muscle glycogen reserves, and therefore of slow down the onset of fatigue» [3].

Attention however not too much consumption of coffee, to a degree of adverse effects are to be expected (see the article Coca-Cola, a dangerous and carcinogenic drink). It is a question of measurement, each person has a tolerance that own. If it is recommended to drink two or three cups per day, you will find yourself the right balance to enjoy without feeling the adverse effects !

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[4] Health - medecine.commentcamarche .net
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akinyede Lebrun
akinyede Lebrun
12 years earlier

so much the better, I'm a fan of coffee!

10 years earlier

Coffee is also and above all an ecxellent anti- migraine sufferers !!!

10 years earlier

Without coffee, I am dead. I do not want, I have a headache, a grosse fatigue and yet, I make my nights. I am well aware its effects when I am not. This is where I say to myself that finally without coffee, I can't stand a day wake or without experiencing excessive fatigue.

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