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Meat in all its stalls

2 documentaries followed an interview will be broadcast on the television channel Arte, Tuesday 31 March

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Travel at the end of the meat

Tuesday 31 March, 20H50 (60 minutes)

The crisis of mad cow disease in the case of horse meat sold as beef, a journey of 7 000 kilometres through Europe to understand that meat on our plates hides the little ragoutants secrets. Good journey into hell meat !



Reruns : Wednesday 01.04 at 0855 hours and Friday 10.04 at 8:55


Pesticide and health : the equation without solution

Tuesday 31 March, 21H50 (45 minutes)

How glyphosate, the most sold herbicide in the world, could be the cause of serious health problems affecting cattle, but farmers.



Reruns : Wednesday 01.04 10:00 and Friday 10.04 at 10:00

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