News Year 2015 March Recalls

Ballotines of chicken in pieces of glass

Ballotine of chicken

Product recalled by : Company TLC

Brand : TLC – THE gourmet corner of Normandy at AUCHAN

Product : Ballotine of chicken

Model : 250 g, sold in self-service of 17/03/2015 to the 20/03/2015

Lot no. : 15075
Use by date : 30/04/2015

Lot no. : 15076
Use by date : 01/05/2015

Reason for recall : Possible presence of pieces of glass.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended to destroy its product or to be reimbursed in the report to the place of purchase.

Consumer service :
Company TLC : 02 35 66 83 37

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Renée (Facebook)
Renée (Facebook)
9 years earlier

I would not be scandalmonger but is often for AUCHAN is happening !

Joëlle (Facebook)
Joëlle (Facebook)
9 years earlier

too often, CA !!!

Maria (Facebook)
Maria (Facebook)
9 years earlier

Need to buycotter all this agribusiness which think money instead of thinking first about eating… If no one buys they will understand and will change for the love of money….

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