News Year 2017 October Recalls

coating particles in tomato paste ?

Tomato paste - China

Product recalled by : Itma

Brand : Florins

Product : Tomato paste

Packaging : lot of 3 boxes of 70 g

EAN : 3 250 392 052 515

Health stamp : FR.22.136.007 EC

Lot no. : 3200/01014

Use by date : xx-xx-2018

Sign of diffusion : including Intermarché

Provenance : China

Reason for recall : Possible presence of particles from the coating varnish. Ingesting chemical varnish can cause health problems.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended to destroy the product or return the store for a refund.


About the origin of many tomato sauces or concentrates :

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Therese Fagniart
Therese Fagniart
6 years earlier

and the people who don't see these messages, what do they do? ? they continue to poison themselves !!!!!!! ashamed !!!!

Chrystie Viviani Allexandrini
Chrystie Viviani Allexandrini
6 years earlier

Humm ! Yum

Katy Tahua
Katy Tahua
6 years earlier

You have to stop it!!! This madness is koi ! The genocide is underway and those who work to kill these people are the first to be locked up ! !!!

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