MDRGF : Movement for rights and the future Generations Respect

The MDRGF – Movement for rights and the future Generations Respect, Association founded by the INRA agricultural engineer, Georges Toutain and a teacher, François Veillerette, fights since 1996 to support a healthy agriculture, respectful of the environment and therefore life and expose the negative consequences of intensive farming using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers :

Water pollution, air, soils and food by toxic pesticide residues, loss of biodiversity (ex: disappearance of bees), threats to public health (ex: cancer, Parkinson's disease…)…

The MDRGF is also working on the promotion of non-farm environments without pesticides (Gardens, spaces etc.) As such, the MDRGF directly opposes IUPAP which represents firms producing pesticides such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, BASF etc.

1. The MDRGF informed of health hazards related to this pollution by pesticides by providing reliable scientific information. We take part to this in many conferences, participate in official working in France and abroad groups, disseminate information through various publications on the subject of pesticides…

2. The MDRGF promotes agricultural alternatives for obtaining healthy foods without the use of pesticides : organic agriculture and also of integrated production that reduces the use of pesticides. As such we initiated in 2004 the first french collective working on the issue of pesticides: the citizen Action for Alternatives to pesticides (ACAP) and organize since 2006 the week for alternatives to pesticides.

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The means of action :

Legislative action at European level

We participate in many international NGO networks (Non-governmental organizations) in order to obtain better legislation on chemicals, in general, and pesticides, in particular. Thus we are privileged collaborators of recognized international networks Pesticide Action Network Europe ( PAN Europe, whose, François Veillerette, the President of the MDRGF, is administrator) and International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN, We are members of the Executive Committee).

Dissemination of information

  • Multimedia information to the greatest number on pesticides, the irradiation of foodstuffs, GMOs, sludge etc.. and their impact on the environment (water pollution…) and health (website, mailing list...)
  • Organization of conferences on the themes of nature and health protection, pesticides and participation in debates as a speaker and/or co-organizer,
  • Publication of scientific articles and informative texts on pesticides and the health environment in general problem.

Provision of expertise

The MDRGF is an association recognized for his expertise on its research topics. Our association is regularly approached by journalists, It also participates in working groups and debates organised by other associations, by different departments (ecology or agriculture) and by the manufacturers themselves.

  • Expertise and advice to public authorities and the media,
  • Ensures scientific and bibliographical research on pesticides, Toxics and agriculture
  • Creation of analyses and expertise with dissemination of results...

Animation of a network of association : the ACAP

We also coordinate the french network of association for alternatives to pesticides ACAP. The citizen Action for Alternatives to Pesticides - is a collective of 80 organizations, that represents around 300 associations distributed everywhere in France

Implementation practice and experimentation

Practical implementation of environmentally friendly agricultural techniques of ecosystems without synthetic pesticides (organic farming…) for example the attainment of organic orchards and green gardens with a social vocation. The MDRGF opens Fontaine Lavaganne organic orchards to the public.

These organic orchards, are visitable by the public during open days organised each year in the month of October.

Génération Futures website : www.generations-futures.fr

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