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Good and bad pepper

Pepper is the Spice the oldest in the world and the most widely used nowadays to flavour our dishes. With its multiple virtues it would be a shame to Miss. Pepper is recognized for its digestive virtues (by increasing the secretion of pancreatic juice) and diuretics. It is also regarded as a stimulant and an antibacterial. However it is not recommended for people suffering from hemorrhoids and causes, at high doses, heartburn.

There are different types of peppers :

You should know that each type of pepper comes out of the same fruits that are picked at different times. The fruit is first green, then red, then Brown.

– Black pepper : comes out of red fruit and becomes, by drying, wrinkled and black. It is the most aromatic and pungent all pepper.

– White pepper : also from berries, but that it has boiled to remove bark (where the white colour). It is the least spicy of all.

– Grey pepper : is the result of a mixture of black pepper and white pepper. It is often sold ground.

– Green pepper : is picked when the fruit is not yet ripe. It is less pungent than black.

– Pepper pink : also called “false pepper” is a native, initially, the island of Réunion. It is slightly piquant but is very aromatic.

Tips to buy pepper :

Buy only pepper in grains ! The pepper may contain impurities, be moldy or even contain dust. It can also be “Cup” with less expensive spices and rapeseed and hemp powder. The shelf life of ground pepper is 3 months maximum.

Buy peppercorns in small quantities and store them in jars or airtight bags stored in a place protected from light and dry because they quickly lose their flavors. Crush them just before you put on your plate so they release their perfume at the right time.

Check everything and they are heavy and compact to the purchase. A good trick to make sure that the grain is good : crush a grain on a sheet and look at if a little oil task sheet. It is a sign that peppercorns are recent and contain all their flavors.

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Farouk razafindrakoto
Farouk razafindrakoto
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How to use black pepper for a good result

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my daughter has a 2years alergie black pepper that fair?

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Richard Gévry
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Don't give it to him

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