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Dioxin contamination

The scandal erupted in Germany, 3000 tons of dioxin-contaminated animal fats (in high doses can cause cancer) returned in the preparation of pet food. According to the German authorities, near 150 000 Thus, tons of food have been contaminated. They have not only served to feed chickens but also pigs and cows.

Friday, more than 4700 farms and farms have, as a precaution, closed. Contamination is made mainly in Lower Saxony and the German Government now believe that it is arson. The company Harles und Jentzsch is currently in the crosshairs because would have delivered fat contaminated with a large number of farms in Lower Saxony. According to France2, rates 78 times higher than the allowed rates were detected by locations. “Many things suggest that the company has deceived its clients and transformed fatty acids of low-quality cheap cattle food” has said Gert Hanne, the spokesman of the Ministry of agriculture of the State of Lower Saxony. The German Government suspects the company issued false invoices and making tax evasion. Harles und Jentzsch have the latest news in March of the test, internally, that would have revealed a strong presence of dioxin (two times greater than normal) without notifying the State. This toxic fat fed already since 6 month animals According to the daily Berliner Zeitung.

The contamination does not touch than the Germany because more than 20 000 tonnes of potentially contaminated eggs were exported in Great Britain and the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom precisely, These eggs have been used in the manufacture of cakes and quiches in supermarkets. Having a limited expiration date, These foods are are already almost sold out. The FSA reassures and affirms that there "was no risk to the health of consumers' because the contaminated eggs"were mixed with non-contaminated eggs to produce pasteurised liquid eggs., an ingredient widely used in the manufacture of cakes.. There are, According to her, only a health risk when we eat on the long term large quantities of dioxin.

According to the DPA German press agency, fat contaminated with destination of the animals have not been exported in other countries of the European Union. The South Korea, the Russia and the Slovakia Saturday decided to boycott the meat and eggs from Germany. Brussels says that these measures are disproportionate “because farms are blocked and the farms products delivered are blocked pending analysis”.


Update of 10 January 2011 :

France is not spared !

The AFP has just declared that the France received a batch contaminated with dioxin from the Germany. The Ministry of agriculture had Friday, It should be remembered, announced "that no indication showing the presence of products contaminated in the french territory has been relieved.. This batch has been identified in Isère in exploitation of producing hens. The eggs were for the experimentation and non-consumption. However, it appears, According to Frédéric Vincent, the spokesman for the European Commissioner for health John Dalli, that dioxin levels were lower than the rates authorized by legislation. The France promise to strengthen traceability investigation and called on operators to be vigilant in the self-monitoring.

The Denmark has also warned that some food purchased in November may be contaminated.

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Sandrine D.
Sandrine D.
12 years earlier

I've heard that the France is (apparently) spared ? Is it true ?

12 years earlier

This is outrageous ! It was 6 months that animals were fed !! it in has all necessarily eaten !! I am sure the 3/4 food problems we know

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