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Adulterated in China wine

Monday 27 December, 6 people have been arrested in China for adulterated wine. According to the newspaper Global Times, they are accused of having mixed with the sugar water wine, dyes and artificial flavors cause, According to expert Huang Weidong, migraine headaches, heart problems and be carcinogenic. These bottles were sold with labels copying some renowned names.

The wine was made in the County of Changli (Province around Beijing) that is some called “Chinese Bordeaux”. Thirty wineries were closed in the region and more than 5000 boxes of bottles of red wine Changli removed stores. It is not however known the amount of these bottles in RADIUS. A small account of Changli company would be likely to have elapsed 2,4 millions of bottles of adulterated wine According the television DTCV (source : RFI).

In China, the wine is both a fashion and a new market. So many french wines, Bordeaux inter alia, are imported in China. The sommelier and wine consultant, Nicolas square, think “as the scandal of adulterated wine is going to change things in China. The Chinese will want to know what they drink, and learn to distinguish good wine from bad”.

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