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Toxic rice noodles

After the scandal of milk contaminated with melamine in China, Here is the scandal of the carcinogenic rice noodles. Rice is necessary in the manufacture of noodles, Gold recently during a health inspection, the Chinese authorities have discovered that used rice was rotten or dried and toxic additives were added.! To whiten the rotten rice, the industrial use of sulphur dioxide and arrive, with a kilo of rice, to produce three kilos of finished product!

The rise in prices of foodstuffs have been damaged rice for cattle has been used, by unscrupulous people, for human consumption. Thus, According to the The youth daily Beijing, nearly fifty plants come out every day 500 tons of toxic noodles! These noodles are the basis of Chinese meals, and are eaten daily in thousands of factories in the South of the country canteens.

China has obviously not finished to talk about her, the scandals are connected and multiply. This scandal has so far not made victims according to the information available to us. To recall the adulterated milk (see this article) has rendering 300 000 sick babies and made 6 dead. Before a very sustained demand, many manufacturers do not hesitate to counterfeit foods with highly hazardous products to reduce costs.

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Ovila legarer
Ovila legarer
11 years earlier

It is absolutely necessary that all occidenteaux countries immediately stop purchasing all products coming from China, otherwise we risk death on a large scale because of their insouscience and their way to fly, defraud and scammed people in a way shamelessly without any awareness…..

8 years earlier

Me and my children have to eat those famous Chinese noodles yesterday and five hours later we began to feel the symptoms of intoxication.
What do we have to do.
I was not able to sleep following symptoms (very like vomiting but it was blocked.) I am also pregnant.
my children them are full of stomach pain before sleep and groan in their sleep.
Thinking that the poisoning is severe?
This is the first time I feel such a feeling in my belly.

1 year earlier

We are in 2022, I just came across this article.
An advice : don't eat rice noodles !
I had the misfortune to eat it recently, I spent two days bedridden, with food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, I couldn't even stand.
A bit like a gastro.
Please do not buy this product.
It should be taken off the shelves !
It is unacceptable.
How can you poison people like this ?!
Please pass on the info.

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