News Year 2011 October Recalls

Reminder of a sparkling mineral water

The company Parot recalls its d bottles’carbonated mineral water from 125 cl marketed under the brand names Casino, DIA, Irma, The Mutant, Monoprix, Norma, Parot and Selecto.

In addition, they have the numbers of lots : L 244-11, L 256-11, L 259-11, the following bar code : 3 248 716 661 253 and the deadline for consumption at the 09/12. The lot number and the date limit of consumption can be read on the top of the bottles.

The recall is due to a risk of presence of pieces of glass inside water bottles incriminated. It is therefore recommended not to consume these products and return them to the store for a refund.

The following numbers are available for any further information :
06 73 89 86 42 or 06 07 63 77 38.

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Mina (from Facebook)
Mina (from Facebook)
12 years earlier

Debris from glass????? We have all seen!!!!

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