News Year 2013 August Recalls

Listeria chicken wings

Chicken wings

Chicken wings

Product recalled by : Company arrives SAS

Brand : AUCHAN

Product : Auchan Wings chicken Nature 400 g

EAN : 3596710342655

Code Packer : EMB 85065B

Use by date : 31/08/13

Reason for recall : Presence of Listeria monocytogenes.

Terms of the callback : Destroy this product or report it at the point of sale for reimbursement.

Consumer service :

The company Arrive SAS stands available to consumers to answer their questions to the phone number : 02 51 44 24 25

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Sam james
Sam james
10 years earlier

What to do to eliminate this pathogen as this product is the most consumed in my country. are hygiene and protection standards respected along the production chain?

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