News Year 2018 March Recalls

Charcuterie Corse Listeria

Corse Cup

Product recalled by : The prefecture of Haute-Corse

Brand : Charcuterie Vittori Anghjulia Mary Joseph

Products : Sausages, cup, lonzu, meat, Pearson Fabriques in Rousse Borgo Borgo

MARKET MATURITY : from 1 January to 13 March 2018 CORSE ces deux supermarchés :

  • CC E.Leclerc, Great South area in Porto Vecchio
  • CC E.Leclerc Ghisonaccia, Avenue 9 septembre Ghisonaccia
  • at the place of production Rousse Borgo Borgo, in small grocery stores and shops of traditional products in Corsica

Reason for recall : Discovering the presence of contamination Listeria monocytogenes.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended to destroy the product or return the store for a refund.

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