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GMOS : Lies and truths

The controversy between pro-GM (genetically modified organisms) and anti-GM makes the passionate debate and sometimes incomprehensible. This global overview untangle fact from fiction, Scientific evidence in support.

For over twenty years, the GMOS (genetically modified organisms), especially plants, continue to expand on the planet, in order to improve soybean yields, corn, cotton, rapeseed, rice, etc. ten countries, on in twenty-eight who grow, represent, by themselves, 98 % of the global area of ​​transgenic crops - either 11 % farmland -, primarily in the Americas, the Indian subcontinent and China. In the USA, wherein the first transgenic soybean plants were introduced in 1996, GMO account for about 90 % soybean crop, corn and cotton. Selon leurs défenseurs, ils sont indispensables pour répondre aux besoins d’une population en forte croissance. C’est l’argument du géant du secteur, le semencier américain Monsanto, qui produit aussi le célèbre Roundup, un herbicide total dont la substance active, glyphosate, épargne les plantes OGM.

Documentaire de Frédéric Castaignède (France, 2015, 1h41mn) ARTE

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