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Baby food jars that may contain pieces of glass

Nestlé has initiated a recall of the product ' P'tit Pot» banana, « precautionary measure » says group, because the product might contain pieces of glass.

The relevant jars are sold in sets of two glass jars of 80 grams. They carry the following lot number : L 10980295, the bar code : 7 613033089732 and have a consumption limit date in October 2012 (the lot number and the date limit of consumption are visible on the edge of the lid of the jar).

These are total 34 000 pots who are affected by this recall !

France Info We reported that the callback, which concerns only the France, has launched following the protest of a consumer. Jars in question were manufactured in a factory in Sevares in the northeast of the Spain. Anne Laure Barral of France Info adds that for the moment "no track is privileged., It could be a "malicious act or". [from] bottling problems..

Nestlé invites people who bought these products do not use. A number of the customer has been available for any questions and to meet repayment terms :
0 800 22 32 42

In a press release, food giant says that this recall does not concern the rest of range ' P'tit Pot "and other small pots for baby to learn the products ' P'tite recipe» and «NaturNes..

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