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Endocrine disrupters : soon reported on the packaging ?


A parliamentary report, published last Wednesday, suggests to label products containing endocrine disrupters (PE) in order to protect the most vulnerable in priority : pregnant women and babies.

Senator Gilbert Barbier, author of the report, proposes to affix the symbol already found on bottles of alcohol, namely, the logo of a pregnant strikethrough.

As stated by Senator, PE "can disrupt the hormonal system. (endocrine) and induce deleterious effects both in the short and long term on the individual and its offspring.. Indeed, PE affect the body's hormonal balance and may have adverse effects on health. They particularly affect the growth, development, the behavior and sexual function and reproductive.

The EP cover, among others, of pesticides, the Bisphenol A (food movies, lining of cans, food containers…), the phthalates (cosmetics…), the PCB.

Even if for the moment the effects of different PE are still poorly known, the report stresses that known already enough to take action by the precautionary principle. The rule in toxicology that says that it is the dose that makes the poison is, in the case of the PE, not applicable because the effects can be felt at very low doses and their mixture can multiply their effects on the body, Tip report. In addition, "this is no longer the dose that makes the poison.", but the moment of exposure. He says. The Senator added that reduce perinatal exposure., the young child and his mother, from conception to the first years of life, must become a goal..

It also insists on the fact that research must still be made in this field in order to clarify the uncertainties still hanging over the PE. Indeed, the upsurge in the number of cancers (testes, Breast, Prostate, etc.), reproductive diseases (sterility, etc.), hormonal system, is at the moment not yet fully explained. The purpose of this research is to improve national and European coordination and adopt, priority, effective detection tests.

Reportage "Males endangered". :


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Mina (from Facebook)
Mina (from Facebook)
12 years earlier

Yes it is on it is good but should be the reported with a label : attention danger or must be simply do nothing with this damn bisphenol

9 years earlier

All right, But if it is to replace it with something worse, It is not worth! Gold currently, It is on nothing on bisphenol A substitutes. Then, stop!

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