News Year 2013 December

Histamine in nets of Sardines ?



Product recalled by : HOT SAUCE

Brand : Hot sauce at CARREFOUR and AUCHAN

Product : Nets of Sardines to the Virgin Extra Olive oil

Model : Box Green

Lot no. : 18/06/2016 and 21/06/2016 (under the box)

Weight : 100 g (total net)

Reason for recall : Risk of presence of histamine.

A report dating from 2006 AFSSA (HANDLES at the present time), reveals the symptoms caused by histamine :

"The most often encountered symptoms are. : facio-cervical redness, skin rash, facial edema, hot flashes, burning sensation in throat, taste of pepper in the mouth, itching, tingling of the skin. […] They are generally followed by type headache disorders, heart palpitations, dizziness. Secondary symptoms, gastrointestinal, may appear : nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea. »

Risk : Acute allergy.

Terms of the callback : Return the product at the point of sale.

Consumer service :

Consumer service : 0805 16 26 36

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