News Year 2018 Recalls

Crossroads : Kippers smoked listeria

Product recalled by : Sepoa Delgove

Product : Kippers smoked over beechwood

Brand : Sepoa Delgove

Lot no. : 2009

Use by date (Date limit of consumption) : 04/02/19

Signs broadcast : seuls sept magasins Carrefour sont concernés :

  • Barentin
  • Evreux
  • Fécamp
  • Flins sur Seine
  • Herouville Saint Clair
  • Mondeville
  • Tourville la Rivière

Reason for recall : Discovery of the presence of listeria.

Terms of the callback : It is recommended for people who have used these products and which present symptoms listeriosis (click on the link for more information), to consult their doctor more quickly by indicating that consumption. Reminder, le délai d’incubation peut aller jusqu’à huit semaines.

Consumer service :
Phone. : 02 35 29 18 40

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