News Year 2011 December Recalls

Recall of chocolate Quillhog

The Natrazahor France company is recalling of its «Almonds caramelized milk chocolate bars» the trademark Quillhog due to the presence of pieces of glass in one of the tablets of the lot concerned.

Are recalled tablets of lot no. L29 and have a shelf life (Date limit for optimal use) to the 10/2012.

The DGCCRF (The Directorate General of consumption, Competition and the Repression of fraud) invite purchasers do not consume the product and return it to the place of sale for a refund.

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10 years earlier

The 8 December 2013 20:08, UNYK a écrit : Gentlemen, The Client from the first time I'm is fed up to find multiple white plates… and a grizzled chocolate… The Client I am is not responsible for your storage problems… Plate No. caramelized Pecans 1 the 12 2014 L18 11:29 3 250391 107070 Plate No. caramelized Pecans 2 the 12 2014 L18 11:29 3 250391 107070 Rixheim intermarché. Lack of a refund for black plates of dark chocolate Pecan caramel… I have to tell 60 millions of consumers, Only choose, les Réseaux sociaux cet état… Read more "

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