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Ferrero : Are the Kinder carcinogenic ?

Germany is sounding the alarm : a food agent present in the composition of the famous Kinder Chocolate bars would be potentially carcinogenic…

The famous company Ferrero should probably worry about accusations that are in addition to those concerning the Nutella a few years ago (GMOs in Nutella ?NUTELLA : Its composition is a health hazardNutella contains the most dangerous phthalate : DEHP ).

Hydrocarbon mineral oils

But, in Germany, an association of consumers focus on the disturbing presence’mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) in the composition of aromas. According to Foodwatch, the offending substance coulde be carcinogenic and some products of the Italian company contain, sometimes too much. According to Johannes Heeg, member of the association, “the quantities of mineral oil found” in these consumer products are “unacceptable”. He also invited to refer to the opinion of the European food authority on the question.


EFSA (European food safety authority) says that “the "aromatic" MOH’ may act as the genotoxic carcinogens (that is, they can damage DNA, the genetic material of cells, and also cause cancer), while some "saturated" MOH’ can accumulate in human tissue and have adverse effects on the liver”. However, experts are struggling to adopt a firm and clear position on the subject.

Food Watch has discouraged the purchase of these items before it can shed any light on these risks.

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Laughing out loud
Laughing out loud
7 years earlier

lol i peeuur I DO THAT eat CA C LIFE

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