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Attention : Pepper in salmonella and spinach with diesel fuel reminder !

After the recall of toxic peppers, from NEMS and mashed, It was already almost a month we had more health alerts. Callbacks are now again topical with pepper and spinach frozen. If you purchased these products we recommend you consume !

Addition of 18 February :

Chiffon of spinach containing pieces of glass

Spinach were decidedly not the coast !

The General Directorate for competition, consumption and the fraud prevention (DGCCRF) announces that Monoprix is conducting the recall of jars of muslin of spinach which likely contain pieces of glass. The relevant jars are 380 g with a shelf life (deadline for optimal use) to the 19/01/2013 and are the Monoprix Gourmet brand. The lots in question have to reference the EAN code 3248650061812 and have the following numbers :

FAB 19/01/2009 LOT1 A2
FAB 19/01/2009 LOT2 B2
FAB 19/01/2009 LOT3 C2

The sign makes the withdrawal of the product under investigation and invite all those who bought in to return the product to the store to be reimbursed.

Clients have a freephone number : 0800 08 4000 (free call from a fixed).

Source : DGCCRF

Bag of spinach axes Saint Eloi diesel

Bags of frozen chopped spinach 1 the Saint Eloi brand kg are recalled in Intermarché and Ecomarché stores because present and traces of diesel.

The batch concerned bears the reference : L101040298 and a shelf life (at best before the) 10/2012. A statement said that "some products have an unpleasant smell from any traces of diesel..

White pepper contaminated with salmonella

The bottle of white pepper of the Cook mark is recalled by the company Arcadia because is contaminated by salmonella. The irony of history is that it is 'bio' and certified AB ! We have no further information when the recall of this product.

The recalled lots are : T6005 and T5833.

Find our article for choosing its pepper :

Good and bad pepper

You can also find the article on the 'bio '. :

The 'Bio' and its limits

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