News Year 2011 May Recalls

Reminder of cheeseburgers and bread

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Frozen cheeseburgers

Frozen cheeseburgers sold at Auchan have been recalled, manufacturer deer, due to the presence Escherichia coli O157 H7 in the steak chopped.

These cheeseburgers are on sale at the frozen Ray Self Discount and have no trade mark. They are however dependent on packages of six (6 x 125g) in plastic bags which contained an American flag.

They have been marketed this month and carry the following bar code : 3 254 350 684 008. It's also lots with the reference : 26/04/2011, 27/04/11, 06/05/11, 09/05/11 and with the following expiry dates : 26/04/2012, 27/04/2012, 06/05/2012, 09/05/2012.

Consumption of those cheeseburgers may cause of gastroenteritis which would be potentially bleeding, with or without fever, and that may be followed by severe renal complications in young children.

It is advisable not to consume these products and bring them back at the point of sale.

A toll-free number has been available to consumers : 0800 802 511.

Sandwich bread

Of the bread soft extra of the brand stores U recalled car breakage of glass have been found in the product !

Marketed in all stores U (Hyper U, Super U, U Express, Market U, Useful), the products concerned are the following bar code : 3 256 224 034 261 and a shelf life (deadline for optimal use) to the 27/05/11.

Guests are invited to return the product in any store U to be reimbursed.

A number is available to consumers : 09 69 39 69 39 (number Crystal, non-premium rate call).

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