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Ronald McDonald on the harness ?

Last Wednesday, 550 doctors and professionals of health in the United States published a Open letter against McDonald's. The petition was given on the eve of the annual meeting of shareholders and executives of McDonald's in Chicago. They want that the multinational abandon its iconic mascot : Ronald McDonald. Their wish is also to see disappear small toys which accompany the Happy Meals, menus for children who, the image of the other menus, propose a too fat food, too salty and too sweet.

« Stop make sick the next generation […] It is time to retire Ronald and your marketing campaigns targeting children », exclaims Dr. Steven Rothschild. It is this very thorough marketing strategy of McDonald's which is at the origin of its worldwide success. « Although the American Academy of Pediatrics considers your marketing policy to be “inherently misleading for children under 8 years”, you continue to use it as an engine to grow your business », can be read in the release. You should know that the firm expenditure each year the modest sum of two billion dollars for advertising !

Young children are the heart of the fast-food giant target, This is the most sensitive category and the more manipulable. Make attractive unbalanced meals, by a clown and small gifts in the menus, allows you to retain the children from the youngest age so that larger, they may rediscover the path of their favorite fast food !

This campaign, led by the association Corporate Accountability International, is talking to her and divided opinions. Why blame McDonald's while parents are all also responsible of the place where they take their children eat ? Some people see this idea of an evil eye while others welcome this initiative.

The Group responded in a statement to the title for the less explicit : « Ronald McDonald is not about to leave » and argues that "Ronald is an Ambassador in the service of good and delivers important messages on safety children., learning of reading and a balanced and active lifestyle "and adds : « We serve high quality food [!], and our Happy Meals offer choice and variety in portions suitable for children. Parents tell us appreciate the choices offered by the Happy Meals ».

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12 years earlier

Personally, I do not see what can be their fault was Mc.Do.
Parents must keep their children here is everything.

10 years earlier

I shall read with a certain smile! easy to accuse ronald, as long as to do accuse the gods of the suffering of the world! otherwise it can also take its responsibility and do not go there, If I sell you death for your children in a pretty box you buy it to make them fun? customers know all and if they want to go to the morgue, Let them go. My son asked me to go there I explained the reason for my refusal and offered through the House and it goes alone. obviously the taste is different and… Read more "

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