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Neufchâtel cheese contaminated

Neufchatel cheese
Fromage neufchâtel

Photo credit : Laurent Garnier

The Chevallier company is recalling of his cheeses « NEUFCHATEL » because the presence of Listeria monocytogenes has been highlighted.

The cheeses concerned with the recall bear the approval number : 76- 459-04 THIS and have been marketed since the 17/05/12 in the following departments : 27, 60, 62, 76, 80 (see the List of affected shops For more details).

All the lots are removed from the marketing regardless of their expiration date (UBD). If however you have already purchased one of these cheeses it is recommended not to consume and destroy.

A number is available to consumers for further information : 02 32 97 07 87.

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Elizabeth Nicole (from Facebook)
Elizabeth Nicole (from Facebook)
11 years earlier

In the final analysis, all products manufactured by humans are dangerous for humanity, starting with the pesticides they use against insects or plants, products get into the water and as the water is used for drinking or for watering, I let you imagine the consequences for health. And they dare call it progress.

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