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Recall of cheeses in listeria by Carrefour

Farmer Münster

The Carrefour group reminiscent of a assortment of cheeses from raw milk, products by the Livradois cheese company, and lots of small farmers munsters products by the Welche country dairy. These product, sold at the Cup, bear the mark «» Commitment to quality crossroads ».

  • Assortment of cheeses to the raw milk (Plateau heart walk) :

BARCODE : 3245414468702
Format : 630g

Lots DLC (Date limit of consumption) :
345 13/09/2011
353 19/08/2011
355 20/09/2011
363 25/09/2011
365 27/09/2011

  • Small Munster farmer :

BARCODE : 3560070568512 and 3245413539601
Format : 220g

Lot DLC :
MY 207 01/10/201

The recall is due to the presence of the bacterium Listeria Monocytogenes in these two cheese products sold by supermarket Carrefour in Monaco.

It is highly recommended not to consume the product, destroy or return it to the store for a refund. There has been, for the moment, No victim of enumerated but one must be careful because the incubation period can last 70 days.

It should be noted that «» the disease starts with an isolated fever (bacteremic form), associated with headache (meningoencephalitic form) or signs d ' achievement of the cranial nerves (rhombencephalite) without diarrhea » (more details here) [1]. The most vulnerable are pregnant women, babies, the elderly and immuno-compromised persons.

The Group has made available a phone number for any questions :
09 69 39 7000.

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12 years earlier


Bizarre, my girl just be intoxicated following consumption of a sandwich with cheese bought at Carrefour. It was late October.
She spent 4 days in the hospital who diagnosed a salmonellosis.
I alerted them. They replied that they were going to do the research. I am still without news.
Anyway, It's worth lost. But since I can make sure that I do not do them a good pub.

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