News Year 2012 December

The cap of 1000 “I love” crossed thanks to you !

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Here is the summary of the videos and the most watched items in the course of these 2 years of existence :

Top 5 most read articles :

  1. Coca-Cola, a dangerous and carcinogenic drink
  2. Filter jugs : a health hazard ?
  3. NUTELLA : Its composition is a health hazard
  4. Is bottled water dangerous ?
  5. What cutting board to choose ?

Top 5 the most-watched videos :

  1. GMOS – Monstrous animals of genetics
[youtube] = mLPVO2V4UXw[/youtube]
  1. Forbidden zone McDo
[youtube] = 5ZEnsWK4pt8[/youtube]
  1. Food danger – The great secret (share 1)
  1. Alert on our plates
[youtube] = MwxB72dnPGo[/youtube]
  1. Manufacturing fricadelle
[youtube] = prEs38ZFvpo[/youtube]


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Here are a few articles you might have missed :


Yet once again thanks to you all without whom this site would not exist !

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